What do recruiters and employers want to see?
Develop a targeted, tightly focused resume. Tweak and target your resume and cover letters to cover specific positions.

Do you have a job objective?
Make it clear what type of position you want and the skills you want to use. Does it present you as well qualified or does it rule you out of an opportunity.

Include Key Word sections. Be sure to create a keyword section targeted specifically for each employer based on the key skills that employer is most interested in.

Use action words (verbs) to describe your experience. (i.e. conducted, performed, streamlined, automated, initiated).

Include content that sells. It is the content of your resume, the description you include of your skills and abilities that generates interest. Example: Before: Maintains A/P and A/R accounts. After: Manager over 1000 A/P and A/R accounts working directly with the CFO.

Emphasize your accomplishments, not just your past duties or job descriptions.

Email your resume if that is an option. An email resume is already in an electronic form that scanning database systems can readily accept with no errors.

A separate cover letter is essential.

Ask someone in your field to critique your resume.

Always include complete contact information including full name, address, day and night contact numbers, fax and email if available.

For Production Accounting resumes, include as much detail about your properties as possible (i.e. # of wells, types of gas plants, any products or liquids, volume, complexities, which S reports do you complete, etc.). Everyone does the splits and books revenue so describe how difficult or different your desk is or any additional duties you may have. If you have been in PR for a number of years, do not repeat the same description for each company. You can describe your duties in general but try to specialize it for each company.