We are Client driven not candidate driven!
We are not in the business of finding people jobs. We are in the business of isolating only the strongest professionals for our Clients. We consider it our job to protect our Client's corporate interests and will bring forward only those candidates within the top 10% of the workforce in terms of abilities, brilliance and compatabilty to our Client's needs, corporate culture and environment.

Recruitment is our expertise!
We are recruiters not ad placers. We actively seek out talented individuals not volumes of resumes. Our screening process with candidates is thorough and involves a stringent evaluation of a candidate's criteria for a career change which we then evaluate against a Client's situation.

We are thorough!
We spend considerable time with each Client to determine not only the technical requirements for the position but also corporate culture, fit, management style, philosophies etc. We make matches based on all the information from a Client not just a job posting. We provide our Clients with complete and detailed profiles outlining why a particular candidate excels at what they do as well as well as why they are a fit for the corporation and any relevant criteria and information needed for the hiring process.

We are selective!
We weed out those candidates who are "shopping" the market and those who are desperate to leave a current position from those who are talented and geared for progression. Our reference checks run deep and go way beyond scratching the surface to ensure we are representing only the best.

Our recruitment process is continual!
We constantly are recruiting in our area of expertise to ensure a steady supply of top candidates rather than beginning the recruitment process once we receive a request from a Client. This ensures we are in a position to fill a particular request from a Client in an expedient manner as well as be proactive in contacting a Client about a particularly exceptional candidate who may be a fit for the corporation in the near future.